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Since 1993, Jorge L. Gurian, has provided individuals throughout South Florida and the Miami area with reliable legal counsel in business investments, estate planning, asset protection and wealth preservation issues.

His vast experience in these nuanced areas of law coupled with his master's-level education in tax law, specifically, gives him unique insight into how the law can be used to not only protect his clients, but also help them achieve their financial goals more effectively.

Attorney Jorge L. Gurian has worked with individuals, business owners and investors from all backgrounds and has a distinct ability to deal with international investment matters. Whether you live within the United States or abroad, he can guide you through the tax law, estate planning and contract law issues that are pertinent to your investment goals.

To find out more about lawyer Jorge L. Gurian's career history, contact our law firm directly. We can be reached online or by telephone at 305-931-0541.

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Contract Law Attorney Dade County

From our professional office, the legal team of Jorge L. Gurian, P.A. has successfully handled a vast array of cases throughout the Dade County area, offering contract law advice and helping clients achieve desired outcomes. Whether creating a new start-up, or trying to sell your business, trust our many years of gained expertise to accomplish your goals.

If you are in a dispute with another Dade County area business or a customer, you need detailed and prepared legal representation. It can be challenging for even a professional contract law lawyer to resolve many disputes considering the vast complexity of law. We at Jorge L. Gurian, P.A. take a thorough approach to the law and provide strong services to our Dade County area clients. Over our many years history, we at Jorge L. Gurian, P.A. have found success in representing clients through various contract law matters such as permitting and zoning disputes and more. Such dedicated representation propels us to keep up to date on Dade County area regulations. Our team at Jorge L. Gurian, P.A. has all the knowledge and experience to help you settle disputes with local government.

At Jorge L. Gurian, P.A., we offer a full range of legal services to clients throughout the area. For over many years, we have helped individuals facing contract law related disputes. Recognizing the importance of humanity in Dade County area business, we provide a professional and helpful touch to each individual contract law case.

Let our team at Jorge L. Gurian, P.A. handle your legal matters.

Your Dade County area business demands too much of your time to worry about contract law matters or legal hurdles. Let us handle the contract law matters of your business so you can stay focused.

Jorge L. Gurian, P.A.

1805 Ponce De Leon Blvd

Coral Gables, FL 33134

(305) 931-0541

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