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Since 1993, Jorge L. Gurian, has provided individuals throughout South Florida and the Miami area with reliable legal counsel in business investments, estate planning, asset protection and wealth preservation issues.

His vast experience in these nuanced areas of law coupled with his master's-level education in tax law, specifically, gives him unique insight into how the law can be used to not only protect his clients, but also help them achieve their financial goals more effectively.

Attorney Jorge L. Gurian has worked with individuals, business owners and investors from all backgrounds and has a distinct ability to deal with international investment matters. Whether you live within the United States or abroad, he can guide you through the tax law, estate planning and contract law issues that are pertinent to your investment goals.

To find out more about lawyer Jorge L. Gurian's career history, contact our law firm directly. We can be reached online or by telephone at 305-931-0541.

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Merger and Acquisition Assistance Lawyer Aventura

In categorization, most Aventura area businesses fall into either a limited liability or sub S corporation. We at Jorge L. Gurian, P.A. know the risks and benefits of these formations and use that merger and acquisition assistance knowledge in tandem with our clients’ long term goals to suggest their best options. With many years of practice, we bring a wealth of human experience to this decision. Upon your company’s formation in the Aventura area, we can help you create sales contracts, employment forms, and other important documentation. We will draft these documents using unambiguous language and with strong merger and acquisition assistance protections for your company.

One of the first decisions your new Aventura area business must make is whether to file as a limited liability or sub S corporation. Both statuses have taxation benefits in Aventura area law, but vary in many ways. Therefore, you need the advice of a professional merger and acquisition assistance attorney in making this decision. Our team at Jorge L. Gurian, P.A. has provided many years of experience to the Aventura area regarding merger and acquisition assistance advice and other matters in business law.

Over many years of practice, we at Jorge L. Gurian, P.A. have relied on our analytical and problem solving abilities to serve our clients. Aventura area businesses have as diverse a set of legal needs as they do offered services. We approach each client to develop solutions that meet varying unique needs without impeding on business practice. The merger and acquisition assistance expertise at Jorge L. Gurian, P.A. has made us skilled in dealing with sensitive matters such as trade secrets and more. We can create and enforce non-compete, non-solicitation, and confidentiality agreements for our Aventura area clients, and will do so should the client feel its necessity.

Call us at Jorge L. Gurian, P.A. today!
Do not let your business falter at the hands of incompetent merger and acquisition assistance representation. If your business is located in the Aventura area, be sure you are well informed on local law and merger and acquisition assistance matters.

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