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Secure estate planning documents should be in place to outline the transfer of your assets to any beneficiaries and heirs should something happen to you. Many people, however, either fail to address these issues before it is too late, or fail to recognize how estate gifts influence those who receive them.

Estate Planning Documents

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Estate Gift Tax

Using Trusts To Limit Estate Gift Tax

Federal and state gift tax laws apply to heirs, which means if the recipient of an estate’s assets receives more than a certain amount of money within one year, he or she will be taxed on that gift.

In some cases, setting up strategic accounts or trusts will be most effective in dealing with these issues. For example, a charitable trust may allow you to give up to a certain amount of money each year without being taxed.

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Miami-Dade Inheritance Taxes Attorney

Before you decide on a specific estate plan strategy, make sure you work with an experienced Miami estate gift tax attorney who can assure your best interests and those of your loved ones are protected to the fullest extent of the law.

At the law firm of Jorge L. Gurian, P.A., we help individuals and families understand the tax laws that influence their estate gift plans. We work with clients throughout the Miami area and South Florida in minimizing the amount that an heir will be taxed when assets are transferred.

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With more than 20 years of experience as an attorney and vast understanding of tax law, specifically, attorney Jorge L. Gurian can assure that your needs are met. He works collaboratively with clients to achieve their goals, always putting their needs first and taking the time to answer questions personally.

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