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Taking the time to plan for your future is crucial to your success. In the Miami and South Florida area, specifically, investing in businesses and real estate is a worthwhile option for individuals who are looking for ways to protect their earnings and build a successful financial future..

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At the law firm of Jorge L. Gurian, P.A., we work closely with our clients to assure their investments are made with consideration for all crucial details, from taxes and estate planning to secure contracts and agreements.

Every case is handled personally by attorney Jorge L. Gurian, whose vast experience spans more than 20 years in these nuanced areas of Miami law and South Florida law. He takes the time to understand each of his clients’ goals both within the United States and abroad to provide them with strategic legal options and sound advice when they need it most.

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Wealth And Asset Preservation Attorney

Wealth And Asset Preservation Attorney

Attorney Jorge L. Gurian’s vast experience as a lawyer and his master’s-level education in tax law, specifically, has earned him a reputation for excellence throughout the Miami area. He works closely with each of our clients to preserve wealth, reduce their overall tax payments and preserve their assets so they are not liquidated due to unexpected circumstances.

The right legal representation today can dramatically influence your investments tomorrow, so make sure to work with an attorney who can give you the individualized attention you need.

Miami & South Florida Tax Attorney

At the law firm of Jorge L. Gurian, P.A., we address key issues in tax law as they relate to investors in the Miami-Dade area and throughout South Florida. We represent clients who live within the United States as well as abroad in issues of:

Real Estate Investments And Taxes

If you are currently investing or are seeking investment opportunities in the South Florida real estate.

Corporate And Business Tax

Understand the rules and regulations that influence your bottom line.

Estate Gift Tax

Outline the transfer of your assets to any beneficiaries and heirs should something happen to you.

Taxes in Investment Gains And Losses

Make sure your personal liabilities or those of your beneficiaries are protected from pertinent tax consequences.


  • Real Estate Investments And Tax Lawyer
  • Miami-Dade Residential Investments And Taxes
  • you are seeking guidance in an LLC, S-corp, LLP or even a foreign parent company.